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Changing Lower Arms

A common problem with the ford KA suspension is bush failure on the lower arms. The arm consists of a pressed steel triangle shaped arm. They are mounted to carrier brackets via two flexible rubber bushes. The outside end of the arm contains a ball joint for attachment the hub carrier fixed with heavy duty rivets. The lower arms control both lateral and forward and backward movement of the wheel. The rubber bushes perish rapidly as do the rubber grease boot on the ball joint. Although the bushes and the ball joint can be replaced separately this is a difficult task so replacement of the full arm is usually preferred. Prices for the lower arms vary from around 40 each for pattern parts available from a motor factors to 80 each for Ford dealer parts.Chris was experiencing a knocking noise from the front of his car, a quick look at the bushes showed them to be cracked and slightly out of shape. It is recommended that the lower arms are replaced in pairs. At the same time we changed his suspension and anti roll bar bushes (see other guides)


1. Apply the handbrake then slacken wheel nuts. Jack up the front of the car and support using axle stands on the chassis strengthening beams. 

2. Unscrew and remove the clampbolt securing the hub carrier to the lower arm ball joint. This will require a star drive to secure the head of the bolt whilst using a spanner to undo the nut. 

3. With the pinch bolt removed push down on the lower arm to release the hub carrier from the ball joint. This may be very tight. Using a long bar to push the arm down helps.



4. Locate the two mounting bolts on the inside edge of the lower arm. Place a spanner on the top of the bolts and undo using another spanner or socket on a ratchet from underneath. These may be very tight or even seized. Be careful not to damage the nuts and bolts. Take note of how the nuts and bolts are fitted.

Remove the lower arm from the car.


5. Place new arm into the correct position on the car.


6. Fit the new lower arms using the new nuts and bolts and tighten to 37 lbf ft using a torque wrench. Once the nuts are torqued turn them a further 90 degrees.



7. Place the hub carrier back into position on the lower arm ball joint, this may take two people. When in position tap with a rubber mallet or wood and hammer into position carefully.

8. Refit the clamp bolt with the head of the bolt facing towards the front of the car. Tighten the nut and bolt to 38 lbf ft.
Repeat the procedure on the other side of the car
Refit wheels and lower the car back to the ground. Tighten the wheel bolts to 63 lbf ft

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